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Custom Software

Custom Software vs. SaaS: Which is the best option?

In today's digital landscape, software solutions are essential for the success of any business. Often, more companies search for tools to improve their scope and efficiency. 

Briefly, we will explain the differences between Custom Software and Software as a Service (SaaS), both options that help optimize your processes and achieve business goals. 

Custom Software: an ideal solution for your company

The main advantages of choosing Custom Software are adaptability, efficiency, and scalability. Therefore, it is a suitable solution for companies of all sizes that seek optimization and productivity in their processes.

What is it? Custom Software suites a particular need or requirement for a company or individual user. Unlike standard software designed for a general or broad audience, Custom Software is built as a personalized problem-solution need of the organization, making it a more efficient tool than a general one. However, its development requires a higher initial investment with an extended implementation period.

How does it work?

For a company to implement Custom Software, it must go through several stages:  

  1. Strategic consulting An analysis phase to identify the client's needs, business objectives, and operational processes in order to advise them strategically.   
  1. Design and planning: The software's functionality, architecture, and user interface are detailed by a drawn plan, ensuring it fulfills the company's expectations and objectives.
  1. Software development: Developers work to create software according to the specifications of the design phase, involving coding, integration with other systems, and testing to ensure its proper functioning. 
  1. Implementation and training: The implementation of the program in the designed environment. In addition, users receive training to ensure the correct use and effectiveness in daily work. 
  1. Continuous support: The software team continuously provides support to ensure the proper functioning of the software over time. This support includes periodic updates, technical maintenance, and assistance to resolve any problems or questions that may arise.

Software as a Service (SaaS): Agile and flexible technological solutions

Software as a Service - Consware

SaaS is software created and developed by a company that allows access via the Internet. In fact, purchasing the software is not mandatory because, in this case, the service is via a subscription by paying a fee periodically. This rental includes, in most cases, installation, configuration, maintenance, and updates. 

How does it work? 

  1. Cloud-based access:: Instead of installing and running the software on local servers, SaaS allows users access via the Internet. The associated data is stored in a cloud, which allows easy and flexible access from any location with an Internet connection. 
  1. Subscription model: Users pay a monthly or annual fee to have access. The subscription fee may vary depending on the scalability of the company and the number of users using the service. 
  1. Automatic updates: The software vendor is responsible for maintaining and updating it on a regular basis. Moreover, this includes implementing new features, security enhancements, and bug fixes.  
  1. Security: Providers implement security measures to protect user data, including data encryption, access controls, and continuous monitoring.  

Gasdata: an innovative solution for gas stations  

An ideal example of Software as a Service is Gasdatathe most innovative and functional platform for managing fuel station networks, where the operational, administrative, and commercial processes of 98% of the Natural Gas Vehicle stations in Mexico are centralized.

Gasdata, separated into the HeadOffice administrative platform and the BackOffice mobile application, is connected via the Internet to an Azure cloud, where all the data received by the Integrated Card (TI) located in the station's dispenser is stored.

This system allows the gas station to have total control of the station's operations, sales, and collections, reducing costs in infrastructure and physical servers, simplifying the operation, and improving the customer experience.

How to choose the best software solution for your company? 

Indeed, considering several factors since the decision depends on the company's needs, budget, scalability, and long-term goals is crucial. Therefore, take this into consideration before purchasing Custom Software or paying for a SaaS subscription.  

  1. Clearly define the company's needs and objectives 
  1. Analyze the investment and maintenance costs 
  1. Define if your company needs maximum security for its data 
  1. Analyze if your company can adapt to a SaaS or if it requires a specific solution 
  1. Define how much you want to grow and which software would allow you to get there 
  1. Define what level of control of the software you need according to your capacity and your objectives 

To help you easily choose the right software, we've created a comparison table of their main features. Check it out below!  

Comparision table Custom Software vs. SaaS

At Consware desarrollamos proyectos digital transformation projects for your company, both Custom and SaaS. We also provide consulting services throughout the development and implementation process. 

We are the best option in digital transformation due to our experience in software development for the Oil & Gas sector, with Gasdataour product Gasdata and our multiple platforms/applications created for the largest companies in Colombia, such as Expreso Brasilia and Olímpica. 

Contact us today, and we will help you choose the best software solution for your company. Increase your profitability and simplify your operations. Our goal is your success! 


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