What they think vs. what digital transformation really is

Often, digital transformation in a business context is interpreted with the image of a robot performing everyday jobs or the company’s IT and security department. However, not all processes encompass these aspects and are not only related to artificial intelligence.

Also, many companies are inhibited to take this step out of fear, due to misinterpretations infused by the media and uninformed people. For this reason, today we present the four most mistaken aspectsabout digital transformation.

Costs: Some companies consider it as a financial risk, due to the high budget it would entail. However, this transformation should be understood as a long-term investment, since by automating the processes of the areas, costs will be saved in the company. A clear example, is the transition from physical to digital, which eliminates paper and billing files.

Business areas: Digital transformation is not only a technological aspect that covers up the areas directly related. It´s a work  team adaptation to a new organizational culture and way of performing tasks. For this reason, companies have opted for training their employees to efficiently manage digital tools.

Rentability: Although some businesses without any digitization have achieved results and economic benefits against their investment. The integration of technology in all areas of business will generate more sales and opportunities in the market.

A popular case is the project “Audi City” by Audi, which by not having the capacity to exhibit cars massively in all places, created micro showrooms with catalogs, discussion forums and interactive screens, that presented the design of the car, sound and real engine movement. As a result, sales increased by 60% compared to  the traditional showrooms.

Number of personnel: This aspect has been the most controversial, due to the media diffusion of a massive elimination of jobs. Even though some tasks can be reassigned to a program, digitization will generate new kinds of work and facilitate the worker´s labor.


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